Trump’s First 100 Days

Trump's First 100 Days

Just recently, with the departure of the first black African-American US President, Barrack Obama from office, President-elect Donald Trump went ahead and shared his policy plans for the first 100 Days to the American People on his campaign website. Despite his recent bromance and affection for Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Trump has promised to stick to his core principle which is to put America First. Will he really do that?

Well, here is a list of executive actions he promised to tackle from day one in office:


On trade, he is either going to negotiate or pull out from the NAFTA deal. He wants America to have bilateral trade deals which bring jobs and industries back onto American territory, therefore benefiting the American people.


Matters involving energy, he will lift the limitations on American energy production which is believed to be worth $50 trillion dollars. Production of energy reserves like shale, clean coal, oil and natural gas are considered to be high-paying jobs.


On immigration, he promised to remove 2 million+ immigrants who are living in the US illegally, as well as cancel some foreign countries visas especially from terror-proned regions.  Here is a video outlining his promises on immigration.

Ethics Reform

On ethics reform, he will propose term limits on executive officials from the Congress. To top it all, he will impose a 5-year ban on Congress officials from becoming lobbyists after leaving the government service, and a lifetime ban from being an activist of an overseas government. There will also be a reform to completely ban foreign activists raising funds for American elections.


On regulation, he will formulate a federal rule which reads: For every one new regulation formulated, two old ones must be eliminated! If that is not enough, all unconstitutional orders passed by Obama will be cancelled and China will be labeled as a currency manipulator by the Secretary of Treasury. Yes??? Believe that!

Well, I must say there is a lot on the list and definitely Trump’s first 100 days is not going to be easy. But one thing is for sure, there will be a lot of other things happening and the expectations are high as every American is anticipating to see if he will accomplish everything that he said and which ones will be prioritized.

Myself, I’m wondering how much of it is true. But, even if some promises come to pass, if not all, I hope that once the first 100 days are over, it won’t be business as usual, but the momentum for change will remain the same. As long as the total momentum remains the same, I don’t have a problem with Trump!

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